Program Evaluation


Corporate programs are constantly changing in response to the dynamic environments in which businesses compete. Program directors must regularly redefine their goals and objectives and reevaluate their strategies. Demonstrating benefits and quantifying return on corporate investment are central to sustaining the business case. Bellwether is experienced at evaluating and developing business strategies across the corporate landscape. We can help you ensure that your programs are valid and appropriately resourced:

  • Needs Assessment
  • Mission, Goal & Objectives Definition
  • Capabilities Evaluation
  • Resource Requirements
  • Cost-Benefit Rationale
  • Corporate Interfacing
  • Scorecard Development

Good strategies are those that match corporate resources to threats and mitigative capabilities in an optimal manner. Prerequisite to sound strategic planning is the proper identification, mapping and evaluation of threats, vulnerabilities and options for mitigation in the context of each business opportunity. Companies that do this well and allocate resources accordingly will maximize corporate proficiency.