Incident Analysis


Incident analysis is an important tool for understanding the threat environment and assessing mitigative performance. It is the core basis for a data-based approach to mitigation and resource allocation and can be used to evaluate the threat profile a company faces and as a performance metric for continual improvement. to be optimal, incident reporting, database management, analysis and reporting must all be effectively integrated.  Bellwether can assist in:

  • Data Categorization
  • Data Normalization
  • Trend Analysis
  • Cross-Sectional Analysis
  • Severity Tiering
  • Incident Reporting Protocol

Companies often record incident data yet seldom take the opportunity to analyze it on a routine basis. Incident analysis is a very cost-effective way to reduce the number and severity of incidents by focusing resources when and where incidents occur.  Many matter management systems do not lend themselves well to statistical analysis as they were not generally designed for it.  Consequently, incidents and events must be maintained in a database appropriate for this purpose.  Incident reporting requirements, input templates, categorization and data validation are all essential to this purpose.  Real-time analytic capability and report generation are important if the system is to be used to its full potential.  Bellwether has considerable experience in organizing incident data and developing reporting systems to enable the data collected to be used proactively.