Within every industry and within every function, a subset of practitioners tends to outperform their peers. In doing so, they create best practices that can be defined both by industry as well as by function. Bellwether can design a benchmarking program to compare peers and identify the best practices currently employed within your industry and within a specific security or preparedness function (irrespective of industry).  

Our approach to benchmarking goes well beyond a “survey” and incorporates a structured interview process subsequent to data collection to validate data-points underlying the rationale for significant differences. As not all best practices are appropriate for every situation, Bellwether can also help evaluate their potential contribution within your company.  We can undertake:

  • Scope Definition
  • Analytic Methodology
  • Program Design
  • Peer Participation
  • Data Collection and Analysis
  • Report Preparation

We will ensure appropriate focus, synthesize data, work with your peers and prepare materials to communicate findings and engage senior leaders. We employ advanced benchmarking tools to enable our clients to identify the best opportunities to improve their security and preparedness practices. Bellwether can compare organizational, engagement and interfacing models among peers and examine relative resourcing. We can help avoid any “apples to oranges" comparisons by creating a needs index and comparing headcount or other resourcing data against this index effectively providing a normalized methodology. The combination of internal and external benchmarking can be used to establish a baseline to evaluate your position and corporate investment both within your industry and relative to other leading companies that may be comparable for different reasons. This empirical methodology facilitates data-based decision making and definitively answers the question of what others are doing.