Enterprise Threat Management (ETM)


The expense and consequence of mismanaging risks represent one of the single largest un-rationalized costs in many organizations today. Years of belt-tightening, downsizing, and re-engineering have left little opportunity for traditional cost-based, performance breakthroughs. We believe superior threat management represents a new opportunity to create value and can help your company design an effective program through:

  • Threat Mapping
  • Impact Modeling
  • Cost-Benefit Assessment
  • Mitigation Strategy
  • Prioritized Road-Mapping
  • Resource Allocation

In addition to cost reduction, there are substantial benefits to corporate integrity, employee relations and public image that all improve corporate value. Conversely, the consequences of failure to manage risk appropriately are severe. Organizations face crises that threaten their financial results and reputations more and more frequently. Reducing risk and effectively managing inevitable crises will help maximize shareholder value.

Enterprise threat management involves mapping the threat environment, quantifying the likely impact of incidents if, and when they occur, and identifying mitigative alternatives.  These analyses can enable a cost-benefit assessment, as well as the selection of an overall prioritized threat mitigation strategy.  Implementation requires a clear road-map identifying key milestones, resource requirements and overall timeline.